Thursday, June 24, 2010

I graduated! ...Now what?

About three weeks ago, I graduated from college. Hurray! One life goal down! And yet...I'd planned my whole life up to this point around college: where to go, what to study, how to succeed. I didn't really plan past it. But here I am. Every day someone new asks me, "Well, what are your plans now?" I want to ask them, "Do you mean my dream plans, or what I am actually doing at this point in time?" Because right now I have moved back home, where I hang out with my cat, go out to lunch with my dad, watch DVR'd shows with my mom, and attempt to job search online (the first three things I LOVE; the last, not so much). Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention: my degree is a Bachelor of Arts in Musical Theater, which I am VERY proud of, but which employers seem to view as a sort of novelty item. Try finding anything "arts" related on and you will probably only turn up one of those "secret shopper!!!" applications, which I file in the "too good to be true" job option basket. So, I am currently balancing auditioning with odd jobs (housesitting? babysitting? mowing the lawn?) with anxiety, as well as cleaning out my closet and room to help me give the old heave-ho to the clutter that has probably built up in my mind these last 23 years.

It's exhausting.

And it's only been three weeks.

So now what? Well, for now I am going to go eat some pizza and remind myself to breathe.