Monday, August 23, 2010

my invention

Next time someone cuts me off on the expressway, cuts in front of me because they switched to the merging lane and flew past everyone else to get where they want to go 1 minute faster than the rest of us, rides my bumper like they are willing me down the road, or just generally pisses me off while I am driving, I shall press a button, and out will shoot a little suction arrow with a message. It will attach to their vehicle. The message could be any of the following:

-You cut me off. You are a bitch.
-Your left brake light is out, and it's REALLY pissing me off.
-Yes, you are waaaay more important than everyone else. Why don't you just go around this whole merging business until you can't get any further and then pull in ahead of us? We won't kill you, we promise. But someday you WILL wake up and your tires will be gone.
-Get off my ass. I hate you.
-God smites those who are IDIOTS. That means you, jackass.
-No one thinks you are cool. Mostly because you lost your toupee when you crossed 8 lanes of traffic at 100 mph.
-Since you didn't let me in, Santa is cancelling Christmas and all the bees are going to die and you will have no one to blame but YOURSELF.

What else? Suggestions?

I feel better now!

Monday, August 16, 2010

case of the grumps

I cannot watch "Bones" in my new apartment home because the internet is sketchy and slow and we're pirating it from somewhere else right now ANYWAY. It is like TORTURE.

I miss my cat, my whole body hurts from moving, I built a whole DESK by myself (!), I didn't really think about where I'd need to put clothes and have temporarily sorted them into separate boxes (shirts, pants, pjs, underwear, laundry), and the pole to hang clothes from in my closet must've been installed by a giant because I can barely reach it. I am unsure whose decision it was to paint the walls in my new room charcoal gray, but it is truly like living in a cave. Weird choice, former tenant! If I were to really live in a cave in my secret life as a hermit, you better believe that cave would have light fixtures everywhere. Hermits can be classy too, you know. I suppose I'd have to power them with a potato or a bike or something, or maybe a hamster wheel. Not important right now.

Also, I hope I start getting more hours at work because I need to go grocery shopping, and right now I have about enough extra money to buy a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter. Which is fine, because I'll definitely eat it, but I'd like to at least pretend I don't have to live like a hobo.

I hope no hermits or hobos were offended by this entry. Say "hope no hobos" ten times fast. Bet you can't do it (I am in an instigating mood)!!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

being a grown up

Yes, I have indeed been a Neglectful Nancy to my blog this past week. My closest friends know that I sometimes stray off into my own little world, or "hermit", if you will. That's definitely been happening lately, as much as my random insularness annoys even me. I am also (deep breath!) taking a half-sketched leap into adulthood next weekend when I move into my first real rent-paying apartment and start my new job. Yay! Exciting! The problem? I'm scared. As you can see, this entry isn't really laughter-inducing, but I don't laugh when I'm scared, only when I'm nervous. Like, "on a date" nervous, not "going onstage in 30 seconds" nervous. That usually makes me nauseous. Not important to this conversation (soliloquy?), but still true. The point is: I've lived in this house my entire life. My room is exactly how I want it. I know where everything is. I have my cat. My parents and I live in symbiosis. My dad might disagree with that statement, but don't let him tell you I'm all parasite, okay?! Anyway. I know that it is time to move on, but that's never made it easier for me. I will never live across the hall from my sister again and head to her room at 3am when I've finished Harry Potter 6 and I need a hug. Look for my cat every morning in his bag and follow him around everywhere. Hear my dad snoring in the middle of the night. Or my mom (now she will probably kill me), and know that they are always down the hall when I need them. I understand that that's the way it is supposed to be. I'm excited for the future. But letting things go has never been a strong point of mine.

A couple of nights ago I ran into my first "boyfriend" (and giver of my first kiss at Tracy Forschler's pool party! Ah, 6th grade. What a time!) and his now wife outside of Portillos. They got married in January, and told me that they are expecting their first child! I couldn't believe it. It's like none of us has aged a day, and here they are, having a BABY. I have a letter in my old diary from this boy. He told me, in 6th grade, that I was pretty, that I was special because I looked past what other people thought of him, and that he loved me. In 6TH GRADE. He was, and is, a very special guy. Even then I remember thinking to myself that he would be a great father someday. I'm so happy for them. For some reason, when they told me they were expecting, it made me cry. Why would I cry? I'm not sure why that might make me so emotional. They're starting their lives. It's wonderful. I hope to be as happy as they are someday. But I get scared, and when I get scared I tend to push people away. If my fear had its way, it'd probably kidnap me and keep me in a room with a comfy couch, widescreen tv, and all the movies I could possibly wish for. I don't want to be content with that.

Monday, August 2, 2010

can't help myself

I would apologize for my nerdiness, but this is my blog, so instead I shall say: Enjoy this delightful and hilarious (to me) LOLcat. LOLcats should pay me for my advertising. If they were a company. Which they sadly are not.

Lord of the Rings + LOLcat = a happier heart