Thursday, June 24, 2010

I graduated! ...Now what?

About three weeks ago, I graduated from college. Hurray! One life goal down! And yet...I'd planned my whole life up to this point around college: where to go, what to study, how to succeed. I didn't really plan past it. But here I am. Every day someone new asks me, "Well, what are your plans now?" I want to ask them, "Do you mean my dream plans, or what I am actually doing at this point in time?" Because right now I have moved back home, where I hang out with my cat, go out to lunch with my dad, watch DVR'd shows with my mom, and attempt to job search online (the first three things I LOVE; the last, not so much). Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention: my degree is a Bachelor of Arts in Musical Theater, which I am VERY proud of, but which employers seem to view as a sort of novelty item. Try finding anything "arts" related on and you will probably only turn up one of those "secret shopper!!!" applications, which I file in the "too good to be true" job option basket. So, I am currently balancing auditioning with odd jobs (housesitting? babysitting? mowing the lawn?) with anxiety, as well as cleaning out my closet and room to help me give the old heave-ho to the clutter that has probably built up in my mind these last 23 years.

It's exhausting.

And it's only been three weeks.

So now what? Well, for now I am going to go eat some pizza and remind myself to breathe.


  1. If you are short on cash and can't find anything you love I would check into starting your own dog walking/pet watching business. As people have to go to work and kids back in school soon there is no one to watch Cubby Buss-Driver the giant puppy dog anymore and take him out. It may take some time but you could expand your business to include taking care of pets from people's homes while they're on vacation. You could make a website and get some business cards/flyers for now. Slow start but a potential boom in business as the school year takes off.

  2. Ohhh. Kristi, that is an awesome idea! Also, I hope there is really a dog named Cubby Buss-Driver and I hope he is yours!

    I am definitely going to keep this idea on my wall (I am making a bulletin board with ideas and goals on it, as suggested by Oprah)! I miss you!

  3. There is a dog named Cubby Buss-Driver. An old friend of mine owns him.