Thursday, December 9, 2010

christmas thoughts

How do you get a job in Santa's workshop? What is the application process?

What, exactly, does Santa make? Does he sit down at the work tables and help make toys? Does he just walk around with a clipboard? Does he help make iPods, for example? Does he endorse Apple or Microsoft?

Is it always fun in Santa's workshop?

Do they make hot cocoa instead of coffee in the breakroom?

Is Santa always jolly, or can he be a real pain in the ass as the holidays get closer?

How did he choose the North Pole as his living quarters?

What is the collective favorite holiday film of everyone at the North Pole? (I would choose "Elf".)

Are the other reindeer jealous because Rudolph has his own song? Is Rudolph like SO over that whole "saving Christmas" thing that happened like 100 years ago? Or does he still think he's the man?

Does Santa think claymation Christmas films are creepy? (I do.)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Every time I do something like wash my clothes, clean the bathroom, take out the garbage, or load the dishwasher, I am outrageously proud of myself. I expect the world to stand up, slow clap, and tell me, "YOU DID IT. LOOK AT YOU!"

That's normal, right?

Well, fine. If you guys aren't going to do it, I have a large stuffed animal following who WILL. Also, they will have tea parties with me. Total win-win.

I need a winter coat. I seem to have forgotten that it isn't summer anymore. I throw on a zip up sweatshirt and am constantly surprised that I'm cold.

This morning I had one of the 5-9am Container Store Merchandise Processing shifts. When I drag myself out of bed at 4:15am on these special mornings, I expect applause as well. Where IS everyone?! These are great accomplishments!

In an unrelated note, I am pretty sure elephants live upstairs. How else to explain the stomping and the at-least-one-time-a-day dropping of heavy furniture upon my ceiling* (*that is just what it sounds like)? I really just want to go up there and watch what's going on. They wouldn't have to change any of their behavior. I just want an explanation!

Friday, October 15, 2010

the accidental hermit

Apologies for my bad blogging behavior! For the past couple of weeks I've been distracted because a) I quit my job helping people accessorize and b) began training to help people organize (The Container Store!), as well as c) started rehearsals for a musical in which I have a few lines AND get paid to perform! All of it is making me a little nervous, because it will be the busiest I have been in quite some time. I haven't had a schedule where school wasn't included since I was about 3 years old. I have to say, as much as I miss my friends and my full-time support system, I am relieved every day by the fact that there is no school work that needs to get done. Sometimes I forget and start scanning my brain for homework assignments, and then I suddenly realize: I. Don't. Have. Any. Except for one assignment, handed out by Professor Me: Find my motivation.

It's harder than it sounds. When you are the only one holding yourself accountable, becoming overwhelmed seems almost inevitable. At even the slightest inkling of becoming overwhelmed, I will begin my retreat into habits and behaviors that drive me, and I'm sure everyone around me, crazy. Sleeping excessively. Avoiding social outings. Letting messes pile up. Eating only fast food. Feeling sick when nothing is actually wrong. Putting off practice, or laundry, or grocery shopping, or even calling to check up on my friends.

Five years ago, I was diagnosed with high anxiety and depression. It was a relief to find an explanation for behaviors within myself that I hadn't understood for years. There were many things that lead up to this diagnosis, but after trying to overcome it on my own for x amount of years, the dam for the deep familiar sadness and panic was starting to give way. All of my energy went into making it seem like nothing was wrong. It was exhausting. The breaking point was my 18th birthday; the dam finally cracked, causing me to have the worst birthday in my recorded history, to break up with my then-boyfriend in a horrible and abrupt manner, and to make the decision to start seeing a therapist and a psychiatrist.

There is a societal stigma, even now, associated with seeing a therapist and / or a psychiatrist. For the record, it's a decision I have never regretted. At the very beginning of the process, I let myself feel ashamed and embarrassed. I thought I was weak for admitting that I had a serious problem. I wondered what these strangers could possibly tell me that I didn't already know myself. I came to realize that even if I "knew" what I "should" be doing or feeling to help myself, asking for and seeking out help was something to be proud of. I couldn't do it on my own, and THAT WAS OKAY. The two women I began to see saved my life in many ways, because they made me realize I was not alone and that I wasn't weak, or stupid, or silly for seeking their help. It's terrifying to ask for help. It is true surrender and an ongoing process. I expect that I will have to relearn how to ask for help many times in my life. And I've learned to be okay with that.

One part of this process is finding ways to become less overwhelmed socially. Even with friends I have had almost my entire life, I still retreat and become terrified that I am letting or will let them down at some point. On the flipside, I also reason that I am saving myself from being let down by pulling away. I put off talking to or catching up with people. I miss important events or moments because the urge to hide or pull away becomes greater than the need to be with them. I hate it. I don't understand why I do it. I know it's happening, but it's like I'm watching myself from across a room. I see the signs, but cannot always find a way around them yet. There are a lot of friends I miss and I am afraid I have lost because of this behavior. Through this post, I'm sending a message out into the universe that I want this to change. I work on it every day. I know I have a long way to go. As an introvert, I know that I need my alone time to recharge, refresh, and reflect. But I also know that sometimes I need to force myself out of my little cocoon. It is a cozy cocoon filled with books, tv shows and pillows, but I know it can't turn into my whole world all the time.

I DO love my tv shows though! I FINALLY AM CAUGHT UP TO BONES IN REAL TIME! Now I can watch and be surprised with the rest of the world! Which actually kind of sucks, because it means I have wait just like the rest of the world. So, maybe NOT a good move?

Shows I am currently watching which means you should be too: Modern Family, The Middle, Bones, Community, Glee, No Ordinary Family, The Event, Running Wilde, 30 Rock, The Office. What in God's name did I ever do before Hulu?! No, seriously. What did I do?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

pet names pt. 1

I have been thinking lately of what I want to call my future significant other, when I have one. No comment on the status of any future significant other. But I have the names ready. SO STEP RIGHT UP, MENFOLK.

Here's what I have thought of so far:

-my little acorn (squirrel themed)

-my baby paint can

-my sweet flower pot

-ma petite pomme de terre avec le fromage (my little potato with cheese)

-my baby kitten paw

-my sweet marshmallow-stuffed pillow

-my birthday duck

-my little pile of crunchy fall leaves

-my sweet pet squirrel

Really. Fall just makes me want to walk around in track jackets and hold hands, enjoying the beautiful colors and crisp air and clear skies.

*insert wistful sigh here*

Sunday, September 19, 2010

when i am the boss

When I am the boss of my as-yet-unnamed future company, there will be many rules. Rule number one: every hour there will be a 5 minute dance break in which the lights will go down, the floor will light up, and everyone must dance furiously as the song(s) of my choice play over the PA system. Dance in any style you want! I personally prefer the "Kermit flail", as it seems to best relieve me of stress. Water and snacks after!

Also, naps scheduled into the day.

Ice cream novelty day (bring your favorite ice cream novelty)!!!

A reading corner.

Movies in the lounge with a little popcorn stand.

What do we sell? That is not important! Don't concern yourself with silly details like that!

I think this is actually what it's like to work at Pixar. They have paper airplane contests and secret rooms (on top of making incredible films). So the REAL message here is: John Lassiter, HIRE MEEEE. Put me on your roster as "SUPERVISOR OF RECREATION". I can't animate, but I can do funny voices and bake cookies!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

i am a carpenter

I have taken to building things on my own because I hate waiting for someone to help me. Thus, the new Wal-Mart bookshelf in my room. The box weighed 70 pounds. Somehow I managed to fanagle it onto the shopping cart's bottom rack and get it to the check out line. When I got out to my car, I tried to make it into a sort of bridge from the cart to the trunk, but the cart kept moving backwards, taking me with it. I think my pants were also having a seriously hard time staying up, for some reason or another, so everyone in the parking lot got a great look at my underwear (green with stars!). A lovely stranger came to my rescue with the words, "I'M COMING TO HELP YOU!" shouted in alarm as they ran over to me, probably witnessing one of the most pathetic scenes they'd ever seen (and in a Wal-Mart parking lot, no less)! When I got it back to my apartment, I had to carry it in piece by piece.

At that point, I thought the worst was over. But I would soon find out just how wrong I was.

The box said it should take one hour for one person to piece together the bookshelf. It took me 6 hours (with a short dinner break) and the walls of my room acting as another person to get the damn thing built. A new tool kit, 40 nails, countless swear words, a pile of screws that didn't QUITE fit in the holes, and a tearful phone call to my sister later, I FINALLY HAD A BOOKSHELF.

I bet Jesus himself would be extremely pissed at the shoddy craftsmanship of a Wal-Mart bookshelf. I said his name enough times that he at least had to know what was going on in this little corner of the world.

But on the PLUS side, I am a carpenter!!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

my invention

Next time someone cuts me off on the expressway, cuts in front of me because they switched to the merging lane and flew past everyone else to get where they want to go 1 minute faster than the rest of us, rides my bumper like they are willing me down the road, or just generally pisses me off while I am driving, I shall press a button, and out will shoot a little suction arrow with a message. It will attach to their vehicle. The message could be any of the following:

-You cut me off. You are a bitch.
-Your left brake light is out, and it's REALLY pissing me off.
-Yes, you are waaaay more important than everyone else. Why don't you just go around this whole merging business until you can't get any further and then pull in ahead of us? We won't kill you, we promise. But someday you WILL wake up and your tires will be gone.
-Get off my ass. I hate you.
-God smites those who are IDIOTS. That means you, jackass.
-No one thinks you are cool. Mostly because you lost your toupee when you crossed 8 lanes of traffic at 100 mph.
-Since you didn't let me in, Santa is cancelling Christmas and all the bees are going to die and you will have no one to blame but YOURSELF.

What else? Suggestions?

I feel better now!

Monday, August 16, 2010

case of the grumps

I cannot watch "Bones" in my new apartment home because the internet is sketchy and slow and we're pirating it from somewhere else right now ANYWAY. It is like TORTURE.

I miss my cat, my whole body hurts from moving, I built a whole DESK by myself (!), I didn't really think about where I'd need to put clothes and have temporarily sorted them into separate boxes (shirts, pants, pjs, underwear, laundry), and the pole to hang clothes from in my closet must've been installed by a giant because I can barely reach it. I am unsure whose decision it was to paint the walls in my new room charcoal gray, but it is truly like living in a cave. Weird choice, former tenant! If I were to really live in a cave in my secret life as a hermit, you better believe that cave would have light fixtures everywhere. Hermits can be classy too, you know. I suppose I'd have to power them with a potato or a bike or something, or maybe a hamster wheel. Not important right now.

Also, I hope I start getting more hours at work because I need to go grocery shopping, and right now I have about enough extra money to buy a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter. Which is fine, because I'll definitely eat it, but I'd like to at least pretend I don't have to live like a hobo.

I hope no hermits or hobos were offended by this entry. Say "hope no hobos" ten times fast. Bet you can't do it (I am in an instigating mood)!!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

being a grown up

Yes, I have indeed been a Neglectful Nancy to my blog this past week. My closest friends know that I sometimes stray off into my own little world, or "hermit", if you will. That's definitely been happening lately, as much as my random insularness annoys even me. I am also (deep breath!) taking a half-sketched leap into adulthood next weekend when I move into my first real rent-paying apartment and start my new job. Yay! Exciting! The problem? I'm scared. As you can see, this entry isn't really laughter-inducing, but I don't laugh when I'm scared, only when I'm nervous. Like, "on a date" nervous, not "going onstage in 30 seconds" nervous. That usually makes me nauseous. Not important to this conversation (soliloquy?), but still true. The point is: I've lived in this house my entire life. My room is exactly how I want it. I know where everything is. I have my cat. My parents and I live in symbiosis. My dad might disagree with that statement, but don't let him tell you I'm all parasite, okay?! Anyway. I know that it is time to move on, but that's never made it easier for me. I will never live across the hall from my sister again and head to her room at 3am when I've finished Harry Potter 6 and I need a hug. Look for my cat every morning in his bag and follow him around everywhere. Hear my dad snoring in the middle of the night. Or my mom (now she will probably kill me), and know that they are always down the hall when I need them. I understand that that's the way it is supposed to be. I'm excited for the future. But letting things go has never been a strong point of mine.

A couple of nights ago I ran into my first "boyfriend" (and giver of my first kiss at Tracy Forschler's pool party! Ah, 6th grade. What a time!) and his now wife outside of Portillos. They got married in January, and told me that they are expecting their first child! I couldn't believe it. It's like none of us has aged a day, and here they are, having a BABY. I have a letter in my old diary from this boy. He told me, in 6th grade, that I was pretty, that I was special because I looked past what other people thought of him, and that he loved me. In 6TH GRADE. He was, and is, a very special guy. Even then I remember thinking to myself that he would be a great father someday. I'm so happy for them. For some reason, when they told me they were expecting, it made me cry. Why would I cry? I'm not sure why that might make me so emotional. They're starting their lives. It's wonderful. I hope to be as happy as they are someday. But I get scared, and when I get scared I tend to push people away. If my fear had its way, it'd probably kidnap me and keep me in a room with a comfy couch, widescreen tv, and all the movies I could possibly wish for. I don't want to be content with that.

Monday, August 2, 2010

can't help myself

I would apologize for my nerdiness, but this is my blog, so instead I shall say: Enjoy this delightful and hilarious (to me) LOLcat. LOLcats should pay me for my advertising. If they were a company. Which they sadly are not.

Lord of the Rings + LOLcat = a happier heart

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

new dream #2387

I HAVE A NEW DREAM (to add to my list of dreams)!

Started watching "Bones" last night (Netflix on Demand FTW!) and it is definitely growing on me. Emily Deschanel is great as anthropologist Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan, and David Boreanez (ANGEL) is delightfully snarky (and delicious) as her FBI partner. I WANT IN. And so, this leads me to my new grand dream: to play a feisty yet awkward and intellectual solver of mysteries and murders on a hit TV show. I will use my deductive powers, smarts, and PhD in Anthropology (or something...) and work / share banter with DAVID BOREANEZ (or someone...) to solve crimes and seek justice! Honestly, few things are more exciting to me than seeing an acting role and thinking: WAIT. I could play that girl. I AM that girl. It's a rare and mystical treat. Like a Super Mario ice cream bar or a kitten in a grocery bag.

(This entry counts for Tuesday, because I already have one planned for Wednesday. I mean today. Enjoy.)

Monday, July 26, 2010

what pets see

I took a bit of a hiatus (i.e. I was gone for part of the weekend), but don't worry. I AM BACK.

Today's topic: pets

Sometimes my cat Tigger follows me into the bathroom. I wonder what he thinks is going on in there? Sometimes he follows me into my room after I shower, so I'm getting dressed, and there he is, walking around, and then I think to myself: I wonder if he isn't confused by clothes. HE doesn't wear clothes. So what exactly am I putting on? Why do I not have gray fur and whiskers? What kind of creature voluntarily gets into a water box torture device? What AM I? (These are HIS thoughts, not mine.)

Tigger and I play this game every day of who can find the other one first. But now every day I find him in this paper grocery bag, and I want to tell him he is making the game really boring. He is really cute in that bag, though. Also in the picture of him in this entry!

Friday, July 23, 2010

i hate bees

Today's topic: Bees

Were bees sent to earth to plague me?

This question is rhetorical because YES. Yes, they WERE.

I'm hungry. For justice!

And also a bagel.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

something to think about

I actually have SOMETHING to do today (yes, indeed, an actual miracle!), so here is something short and sweet for you to ponder:

If you were lost in a forest of giant q-tips and had to sleep the night, wouldn't it be a comfort to know that you could make a nice, fluffy cotton bed to sleep on?

I wonder what kind of animals live in a q-tip forest. I hope bunnies.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

a sad truth

How old is too old to go chasing after the ice cream truck? Did you know that I have bionic hearing abilities, but they only work when a nearby ice cream truck is playing its happy tune to lure me outside, like a siren on the cliffs of the sea? To ignore this call is to stomp all over my 5-year-old self's life mission--little Katie would've been outraged to know that now I do not rush out the front door as soon as I hear what could be a tinkly ice cream truck song at least 10 miles away, screaming, "ICE CREAM TRUCK!!!!!" at the top of my lungs. But I'm almost 23! What am I supposed to do, 5-year-old Katie? If you were here, we could go together! All I need is a kid that can act as a front for me. I'll pay for their ice cream, and they'll act like they're the only one that wants said ice cream. I'll chase after them yelling, "Oh good LORD! It's just the ice cream truck, slow down!" but the observant bystander will notice that I myself am not slowing down. This MAY be one of my top 5 reasons for having my own kids someday.

But, I ask you, what is the point when the ice cream truck doesn't even HAVE Super Mario Ice Cream bars (a.k.a. the world's greatest ice cream novelty creation) anymore? With its delicious cherry flavor and gumball nose. I KNEW I should've bought them in bulk when I had the chance. But mom and dad only gave me $1.50. How was I to know they'd haunt my dreams all these many years?!

So I guess this means I better keep working on my time machine.

Monday, July 19, 2010

very important questions

Do spiders have eyelids?

Do they wink at us but we just can't see?

If they shut a few do they see a weird real-life puzzle with missing pieces?

How many eyelids shut constitutes a spider wink?

If a spider winked at you, would you run? Or would you miss it completely because you were already running?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

let there be laugh

From now on, every time I see an Olive Garden commercial, when the commercial patrons make their requisite stupid joke, I will faux-laugh as loudly and obnoxiously as possible. No matter where I am. Alone. Amidst a giant group of strangers. On a date with the man of my dreams. Or a date that's hopelessly awkward. That's probably the same date in both scenarios. Anyway! The point is: loud, obnoxious laughter. Everywhere.

Try it. It may just be my greatest idea EVER. Faux-laugh after "alfredo". You'll see.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

stop looking at me

A bug on the wall above my shower can ruin my entire shower experience, because first off, it's like it's watching me, and second off, lest it feel the urge to take a flying leap onto my shampooed hair, I must vigilantly keep one eye on it at all times. Which is hard because sometimes to rinse I HAVE to close both eyes, and there are a couple of seconds where ANYTHING can happen. I rinse as quickly as possible, snap my eyes back open, and zero in on Mr. Bug's last recorded location. And there he is, staring at me, PROBABLY with a mischievous gleam in his eye(s). What an ass. Yeah, sure, he may have had an epic, triumphant, peril-filled journey around the walls of the bathroom to get where he is, but why couldn't he have his adventure in someone else's bathroom?!

UPDATE: The bug who inspired this post is no longer with us. I'm not saying I'm a murderer. ...Okay, yeah, that's what I'm saying.

Friday, July 16, 2010

ways in which I would like to sign my letters

Letter signing is boring. "All my best," you may sign, not even knowing what all of your best actually is or what it involves. "Sincerely," you may write, when your true feelings are far from sincere. Or "From," possibly the most boring sign-off of all, without which your letter could be full of mystery and intrigue. So I've been thinking. What if I signed my letters like this?

All my best kittens,

Best sprinkles,

Regards to your goldfish,

From the lowest regions of hell,

Best wishes and dreams granted by your fairy Godmother,

Horrible, angry-faced cloud, rainy day wishes,

Yours truly unless I see you on the street in which case don't associate with me,

Your friend who loves cheese and WINE and drinking before 11am waaaaaaAAAaayYyy too much,

Congrats on your persevering to earn that potentially useless and very expensive degree,

Love from all the squirrels in the trees and the sky and the bushes and the secret rainbows too,

Many fluffy unicorns and pots of gold,

Oh god...there are just so many. Please, if you think of more, tell me. I am going to go write a whole pile of very short, delightfully signed letters now. Maybe YOU will get one :-O! (Probably not.)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I graduated! ...Now what?

About three weeks ago, I graduated from college. Hurray! One life goal down! And yet...I'd planned my whole life up to this point around college: where to go, what to study, how to succeed. I didn't really plan past it. But here I am. Every day someone new asks me, "Well, what are your plans now?" I want to ask them, "Do you mean my dream plans, or what I am actually doing at this point in time?" Because right now I have moved back home, where I hang out with my cat, go out to lunch with my dad, watch DVR'd shows with my mom, and attempt to job search online (the first three things I LOVE; the last, not so much). Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention: my degree is a Bachelor of Arts in Musical Theater, which I am VERY proud of, but which employers seem to view as a sort of novelty item. Try finding anything "arts" related on and you will probably only turn up one of those "secret shopper!!!" applications, which I file in the "too good to be true" job option basket. So, I am currently balancing auditioning with odd jobs (housesitting? babysitting? mowing the lawn?) with anxiety, as well as cleaning out my closet and room to help me give the old heave-ho to the clutter that has probably built up in my mind these last 23 years.

It's exhausting.

And it's only been three weeks.

So now what? Well, for now I am going to go eat some pizza and remind myself to breathe.