Monday, August 16, 2010

case of the grumps

I cannot watch "Bones" in my new apartment home because the internet is sketchy and slow and we're pirating it from somewhere else right now ANYWAY. It is like TORTURE.

I miss my cat, my whole body hurts from moving, I built a whole DESK by myself (!), I didn't really think about where I'd need to put clothes and have temporarily sorted them into separate boxes (shirts, pants, pjs, underwear, laundry), and the pole to hang clothes from in my closet must've been installed by a giant because I can barely reach it. I am unsure whose decision it was to paint the walls in my new room charcoal gray, but it is truly like living in a cave. Weird choice, former tenant! If I were to really live in a cave in my secret life as a hermit, you better believe that cave would have light fixtures everywhere. Hermits can be classy too, you know. I suppose I'd have to power them with a potato or a bike or something, or maybe a hamster wheel. Not important right now.

Also, I hope I start getting more hours at work because I need to go grocery shopping, and right now I have about enough extra money to buy a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter. Which is fine, because I'll definitely eat it, but I'd like to at least pretend I don't have to live like a hobo.

I hope no hermits or hobos were offended by this entry. Say "hope no hobos" ten times fast. Bet you can't do it (I am in an instigating mood)!!!

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  1. OOOH I WANT TO SEE IT!!!! New apartments are fun even if they are weird too :)