Sunday, September 19, 2010

when i am the boss

When I am the boss of my as-yet-unnamed future company, there will be many rules. Rule number one: every hour there will be a 5 minute dance break in which the lights will go down, the floor will light up, and everyone must dance furiously as the song(s) of my choice play over the PA system. Dance in any style you want! I personally prefer the "Kermit flail", as it seems to best relieve me of stress. Water and snacks after!

Also, naps scheduled into the day.

Ice cream novelty day (bring your favorite ice cream novelty)!!!

A reading corner.

Movies in the lounge with a little popcorn stand.

What do we sell? That is not important! Don't concern yourself with silly details like that!

I think this is actually what it's like to work at Pixar. They have paper airplane contests and secret rooms (on top of making incredible films). So the REAL message here is: John Lassiter, HIRE MEEEE. Put me on your roster as "SUPERVISOR OF RECREATION". I can't animate, but I can do funny voices and bake cookies!


  1. I'll work there as well. I can treat any dance-related injuries.