Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Every time I do something like wash my clothes, clean the bathroom, take out the garbage, or load the dishwasher, I am outrageously proud of myself. I expect the world to stand up, slow clap, and tell me, "YOU DID IT. LOOK AT YOU!"

That's normal, right?

Well, fine. If you guys aren't going to do it, I have a large stuffed animal following who WILL. Also, they will have tea parties with me. Total win-win.

I need a winter coat. I seem to have forgotten that it isn't summer anymore. I throw on a zip up sweatshirt and am constantly surprised that I'm cold.

This morning I had one of the 5-9am Container Store Merchandise Processing shifts. When I drag myself out of bed at 4:15am on these special mornings, I expect applause as well. Where IS everyone?! These are great accomplishments!

In an unrelated note, I am pretty sure elephants live upstairs. How else to explain the stomping and the at-least-one-time-a-day dropping of heavy furniture upon my ceiling* (*that is just what it sounds like)? I really just want to go up there and watch what's going on. They wouldn't have to change any of their behavior. I just want an explanation!


  1. That was a Calvin and Hobbes reference with the stuffed animal right?

  2. Looks like you need this website:

    But without the blatant sarcasm, obvs.

  3. I think there should be an alarm that applauds you when you have to wake up at 5:00 or before! Let's invent it!

  4. Actually, your EVO should be able to do that.