Wednesday, July 28, 2010

new dream #2387

I HAVE A NEW DREAM (to add to my list of dreams)!

Started watching "Bones" last night (Netflix on Demand FTW!) and it is definitely growing on me. Emily Deschanel is great as anthropologist Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan, and David Boreanez (ANGEL) is delightfully snarky (and delicious) as her FBI partner. I WANT IN. And so, this leads me to my new grand dream: to play a feisty yet awkward and intellectual solver of mysteries and murders on a hit TV show. I will use my deductive powers, smarts, and PhD in Anthropology (or something...) and work / share banter with DAVID BOREANEZ (or someone...) to solve crimes and seek justice! Honestly, few things are more exciting to me than seeing an acting role and thinking: WAIT. I could play that girl. I AM that girl. It's a rare and mystical treat. Like a Super Mario ice cream bar or a kitten in a grocery bag.

(This entry counts for Tuesday, because I already have one planned for Wednesday. I mean today. Enjoy.)

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  1. LIKE!!! And I promise I'll watch it religiously and tell people not to call (on pain of death) during it.