Tuesday, July 20, 2010

a sad truth

How old is too old to go chasing after the ice cream truck? Did you know that I have bionic hearing abilities, but they only work when a nearby ice cream truck is playing its happy tune to lure me outside, like a siren on the cliffs of the sea? To ignore this call is to stomp all over my 5-year-old self's life mission--little Katie would've been outraged to know that now I do not rush out the front door as soon as I hear what could be a tinkly ice cream truck song at least 10 miles away, screaming, "ICE CREAM TRUCK!!!!!" at the top of my lungs. But I'm almost 23! What am I supposed to do, 5-year-old Katie? If you were here, we could go together! All I need is a kid that can act as a front for me. I'll pay for their ice cream, and they'll act like they're the only one that wants said ice cream. I'll chase after them yelling, "Oh good LORD! It's just the ice cream truck, slow down!" but the observant bystander will notice that I myself am not slowing down. This MAY be one of my top 5 reasons for having my own kids someday.

But, I ask you, what is the point when the ice cream truck doesn't even HAVE Super Mario Ice Cream bars (a.k.a. the world's greatest ice cream novelty creation) anymore? With its delicious cherry flavor and gumball nose. I KNEW I should've bought them in bulk when I had the chance. But mom and dad only gave me $1.50. How was I to know they'd haunt my dreams all these many years?!

So I guess this means I better keep working on my time machine.


  1. Dear God, I wish I didn't grow up so rural that sidewalks were commodities... to think of all the amazing ice cream creations I missed out on by not living in a town not deemed profitable by the ice cream man head honchos!

  2. Here's a little known fact about my life, the ice cream man turns around in my driveway. therefore i have about an extra minute to decide if I want ice cream and run out there. Sometime you both should come over and we will catch him as he makes his merry turn in my driveway!