Monday, July 19, 2010

very important questions

Do spiders have eyelids?

Do they wink at us but we just can't see?

If they shut a few do they see a weird real-life puzzle with missing pieces?

How many eyelids shut constitutes a spider wink?

If a spider winked at you, would you run? Or would you miss it completely because you were already running?


  1. The real question is why is it winkIng at you? Is it hitting on you? Would you accept? Yes. Yes, you would.

  2. I don't know...he would have to be the least spindly spider in the world to get me to accept. But not hairy either. There would be a lot of stipulations.

  3. How about... Could God cook a burrito so hot that not even He could eat it?

    Ok. I made that up. Simpsons quote, but would you think I was amazingly funny and insightful if I didn't steal a passage from my favorite tv show?