Monday, July 26, 2010

what pets see

I took a bit of a hiatus (i.e. I was gone for part of the weekend), but don't worry. I AM BACK.

Today's topic: pets

Sometimes my cat Tigger follows me into the bathroom. I wonder what he thinks is going on in there? Sometimes he follows me into my room after I shower, so I'm getting dressed, and there he is, walking around, and then I think to myself: I wonder if he isn't confused by clothes. HE doesn't wear clothes. So what exactly am I putting on? Why do I not have gray fur and whiskers? What kind of creature voluntarily gets into a water box torture device? What AM I? (These are HIS thoughts, not mine.)

Tigger and I play this game every day of who can find the other one first. But now every day I find him in this paper grocery bag, and I want to tell him he is making the game really boring. He is really cute in that bag, though. Also in the picture of him in this entry!

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